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If you buy Google Stadia you support it!  


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29/11/2019 11:05 pm  

I'm one of the lucky ones with the founder edition and I'm fully aware that stadia is at an early stage right now. I know it is not a fully developed gaming platform at the moment but it is absolutely the future.

There is this opportunity to play games this way, why should we not make use of this technology? If you are one of the stadia players currently, be proud to be part of a movement like this.

It may not be perfect yet but this is the tradeoff if you want to use the future of gaming. Other gaming platforms also started somewhere where it was not perfect at the begining and they have built their following. With stadia it's not different!

I think stadia is amazing and I support it. If you have stadia, you are not just someone who plays a game. You are one of the supporters, you and we all, are the future of gaming!

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30/11/2019 10:42 am  

well said